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My family and I ran into Erin by chance one day – August 2, 2016.  I was talking to Shauna at the Oil Tree and asked her if there where any essential oils that would help with plantar fasciitis.  I have been involved with essential oils for 2 years and was curious if there was something that could help.  I work on my feet all day and many days after work I could hardly walk.  Every day was the same – painful in the morning - less painful as the day went on until the end of my shift and the pain was back.  I went to an Orthopedic Specialist for orthotics and foot exercises in 2012 to try and alleviate the pain in the bottom of my feet to no avail.  Erin came out and introduced herself and started talking to us about Body Talk and what it was.  She proceeded to explain how everything is connected in the body.  She explained what she did as a Body Talk Practioner and that she could help.  I did not even know what Body Talk was but I was willing to try anything to be able to walk without pain.  So I booked an appointment with Erin that day.  Talk about fate – she had just received a cancellation on her schedule so she was able to book me in for the next day.  I have to say – Body Talk works!  What ever Erin did I was pain free that evening and have not experience any pain in my feet since then.  I could walk pain free after one Body Talk session with Erin.  I could have saved over $1000.00 over the last 4 years on orthotics and appointments at the specialists.  I promptly signed my mom up for Body Talk sessions (my mom said “You did what!?”) and she too has benefited greatly from Erin’s Body Talk sessions.  My mom is retired but harbors many long life aches and pains.  Since she has visited Erin, she too is able to move better and is less sore.  I encouraged my sister in Calgary, Alberta to find a Body Talk Practitioner there and she did.  She has also benefited from her Body Talk person.  Erin has helped me with many things over the last 8 months.  I have sent my next door neighbor, friends, co-workers and of course my mom all to see Erin.  I will continue to recommend and to go to Erin myself. I am amazed at what Erin can do as she continues to help me learn even more about Body Talk.  She helps me continue to heal my own body.  Goodbye to pain medications.  Why would you not choose to be healthy, happy and pain free!  Erin’s office is with in the Oil Tree Store, stop by and make an appointment – you will be amazed.  I am so glad we met by chance that day in the Oil Tree Store.  My friends and family have all benefited from Erin’s Body Talk Sessions.

-Cindy “A Body Talk Believer”

In the summer of 2016 my cousin had recommended bodytalk to me. I wasn't convinced I needed it but decided to give it a try as my cousin talked about her life changing experience. I had lower back pain.....gone after one session!! I suffered from fatigue over the last 6 years since giving birth to twins. After one session the fatigue was gone and I had mental clarity verses the fog I normally experienced. My face was always red with little red dots that I had tried to get rid of with skincare, naturopathic and dermatologist. It would never clear. The morning after my first Bodytalk session my skin was 50% better. I couldn't believe it!!! I always felt rushed, and panicked to get everything done in a day that I needed to complete. I was in complete amazement at the overall state of calmness I felt.  I am a 36 year old female and haven't felt this good in years. I can't wait to continue Bodytalk to improve my mental and physical health. Each and everyone of us deserves to be in great health and I am totally convinced that we need to start with our minds. 



I was broken; physically, mentally and emotionally. A coach's mind games and pushing myself past my limits repeatedly had its toll on my body. For years while playing sport and after, my body was injured and I couldn’t figure out how to make it better. Physiotherapy, massage therapy, and chiropractor appointments every week helped, but by the next week, I was back to square one. A friend recommended Bodytalk, and it didn’t only work on my physical body but combined it with the mental and emotional sides that I had been neglecting. I can not only survive my life but thrive in it. Bodytalk helps me stay balanced and feel confident about myself again.



After years of unanswered questions and a rough 8 months in 2016 I was losing complete hope in Saskatchewan's health care. I have had several medical diagnosis with my stomach and intestines, the most recent being h pylori in October 2016. I'm 21, and the doctor's grand answer was for me to be on pills for the rest of my life. I knew there had to be another way to heal myself. I heard about Erin from a family friend and decided to give BodyTalk a try. Erin and BodyTalk has completely transformed my outlook on life and my health. I went to Erin for 3 sessions and I have made leaps and bounds in recovery. I was told from several doctors I was intolerant to dairy and gluten, I had an ulcer, I can't drink coffee, have any alcohol, a full stretch of limitations. Erin opened secret doors about myself that I didn't even know existed - and with that released a lot of pain and hidden emotions that I was hiding in my stomach. Once that was all released I felt amazing. I wasn't scared to eat anything, my pain from food was significantly less. I didn't have headaches constantly and I have been able to maintain a normal diet without worrying if I can leave my house cause of my stomach pain. It's crazy how it wasn't even related to food or intolerances but overthinking and stressing over things out of my control and being completely disconnected between my mind and body. One part that is still very clear for me is that how I was holding myself back with stress and overthinking was that "it's eating away at me" which is exactly what h pylori is, a bug that eats your stomach. I found out so much about myself and now I can identify when I'm not having great tummy days that there's something more beneath the surface bothering me - and I can pin point what the problem is to get myself back on track, without any medications. The only regret I have is to not going to BodyTalk and Erin sooner. It has completely transformed my life and I am so thankful for the natural body healing that has happened for me! 


After every BodyTalk with Erin, I feel completely mind blown! My most recent session was one of the most mind blowing though. I sprained my ankle a few weeks prior and could not fully point or flex my foot. My ankle was extremely locked up and still caused me some pain. Erin guided me in discovering underlying belief systems associated with my ankle injury. At th end of my session, Erin asked me to point and flex my foot. Within seconds I went from barely abe to point or flex, to normal range of motion. It was absolutely incredible! Bodytalk has transformed my life. 


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